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About Gurmit Singh

Gurmit Singh is currently the General Manager of Quora for the APAC + MEA geography. He was earlier the India VP & Managing Director of Yahoo 


He has his own edtech startup called 'edpurple', which is currently paused. He also has a Consulting firm DAUWAU.


Known for his Leadership in the Internet – Mobile – Video space, he has first hand experience, significant achievements and vast functional knowledge in Advertising Sales, Advertising Technology, Consumer Marketing, User Acquisition, Consumer Sales, Subscriptions and Product Management.

Jagran Lakecity University, India has recognised him with an Honorary Doctorate for his outstanding contribution in the Internet + Media & Entertainment space.

He is currently a Director with Quora India and has held Director positions in the past with Yahoo India, Advertising Standards Council of India, IAMAI (the apex Internet Council of India) and Adtech India.

About Edpurple

Edpurple is an edtech firm started in 2018 by Gurmit Singh 

The Mission was to connect college students to the Corporate World. Edpurple would help students choose careers  through a mix of Psychometric Tests, Educational Videos and Video Counselling. The videos included sessions with corporates / experts from industries like Technology, CPG and Media & Entertainment. Also, fields like Product Management and Marketing & Events. 

Edpurple is currently on pause mode



Daily Active Users & Weekly Active Users are the most important metrics of any Internet Business.


DAUWAU provides Advisory services on Digital Transformation to companies across all industries. A few areas are :

  • Team structure : Whether it is in tune with current ad tech developments

  • Monetisation Channels : Which channels can be amplified and which new ones to introduce

  • Technology : To drive Engagement and Revenue up

  • Marketing  : To drive Engagement and Revenue up

  • Content Marketing : To drive Awareness, Engagement and Revenue up

  • Performance Marketing : To drive Revenue up


A few past clients are :


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